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Welcome to my Web Page

Thank you for visiting my page. I like it when people such as yourself drops in and takes a look. Authors are just people such as yourself and are motivated by much of what everyone else is. If you like my books and if you have any questions please let me know what your interests are.

A little about myself as a starting point…
I began writing books a number of years ago because I, like many of you, have a few stories to tell. They accumulate in our minds the longer we live and the more experiences we have. During conversations with friends and people we might be talking to at some point, we get asked about some of the things we did or were a party to, and so, the stories come out. Many of my tales were based on actual events I experienced as a young man.

There was a point in my life where seeing the world was a serious and powerful driving force. As a child in an orphanage, I dreamed of seeing many of the things I heard or read about. When I grew up, the desire to fulfill those adventures was still there, and I began doing many of the fantasy’s I wondered about so many times as a child. I wanted to become a pilot, and I did, I wanted to travel to foreign lands and I did that too. There was a burning desire to join the military so that came about one day. As a youngster there was a TV adventure show on our one channel TV called, ” I Search For Adventure.” One day when I was thirty years old I bought a 41’ sailboat, stocked it and headed out the Straights of Juan de Fuca from Seattle. I sailed around the South Pacific for a few years and eventually got that dream out of my system.

As an airplane pilot I wanted to do many different things and I was able to get most of them done. I flew several different makes of crop dusting airplanes in various part of the world, as a Bush Pilot in Alaska, as a co-pilot for an airline company and as a Freight Transport Pilot in Africa.

I began working in the Rock and Roll business as a Concert Producer, and was successful until one day my genie in my head forced me to buy a sailboat, take off across the Pacific Ocean, and after several years of doing that I ran out of money and had to get a job. Along the way I met a beautiful ballerina who seemed to want to participate in my adventures and she sailed across the ocean with me. She has been with me more than 40 years so far.

Eventually, the boat was sold, I bought a house, and I went into business and owned and operated several before retiring in 1999. After fifteen years of working I sold everything I had and moved to Costa Rica Central America and have been here since. Today I operate another small business, I enjoy my four dogs, growing organic vegetables in my greenhouse and writing books. Once again I want to thank you for visiting my page and hope you enjoy my books as they come out.
Warmest Regards,

L Michael Rusin