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The Retreat


Many people understand the stress that is on most nations due to wars right now. We understand some of those reasons due to spending that is unchecked and many other various and diverse reasons. Avalon is a story about what we can do as people who want to survive any situation that might lead to the interruption of ordinary living and put us in a different mode of living day to day.

As you read Avalon you will see that although in the event of a cataclysmic event whether it comes about because of man’s folly such as launching a nuclear war on all of humankind, perhaps through biological misadventures or, through the financial meltdown of whole nations, you will see that many individuals can survive if they have planned and prepared for some eventuality.

Avalon is a depiction of people who find that certain place to have a retreat which is off the ordinary beaten path where people go regularly. You are shown how they rebuild a nearly century old building, and they refurbish all of the amenities that are there and in place. Once they have fixed all that was non-serviceable you see what they do to not only bring new people into their group, but you see how they get it stocked with everything they need to survive long term. It is a blueprint for the ordinary person to follow to put their houses in order and it is also a how to training manual for those who don’t know where to get started.

It is important for any of us to understand that when all infrastructures are destroyed or rendered non-serviceable, when food is no longer easily available to us and simple civilized services such as piped running water and a working sewage system has ceased to function in our homes, what do we do? When there is no longer an armed force that protects the average citizen, who will? When you have read Avalon, you will understand what you need to be doing right now and how you will survive once what we take for granted ceases to be there for us.

L. Michael Rusin, Author

Avalon: The Retreat

Initially, there is a terrorist nuclear attack on the east coast of the US which leads to World War Three. It is between the US, Russia and China and is a devastating nuclear war. The East and West Coasts of the US become radiated killing zones. To enter there is to die a slow agonizing death. When the war ends, most of the people on earth are dead.

An old 19th Century abandoned cattle ranch called Avalon becomes a refuge for a select group of people who want to survive. They fight off repeated attacks by cannibalistic motorcycle gangs who have banded together into large feudal groups led by cut throats, and savage butchers who eat children, and make slaves out of the other stragglers they encounter.

It is a world turned inside out, with no law, and nobody to protect the loner. There is no longer any military or law enforcement to protect those who have survived. The only protection is with the groups who band together. One of those groups of people are the residents at Avalon. The residents themselves, citizen soldiers, are banded together for mutual support and protection.
Avalon is a safe haven for those who live there. They have food and all the amenities a real sanctuary offers those who have nowhere to go or to hide, and had the foresight to prepare ahead of time, just in case a disaster happened. These are warrior residents in a world gone mad, and those who are left elsewhere are mostly refugees, and at the mercy of anyone who happens along. Alone, one is either a slave, food, or simply a defenseless person at the mercy of anyone who comes along and who ultimately winds up dead.

If you have ever wondered how to put together a retreat, stock it and make it ready for any eventuality of cataclysmic proportions, Avalon is a must read. You will see how they did it and realize, you can too.

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