L. Michael Rusin


Avalon: Wormwood

As the people of Avalon and the town of Fitch combat the hardships of a world torn apart they find hope in the daily progress as they see it happening. Every new rebuilding gives everyone the understanding, things are getting better although, living has been made difficult by the war. Together with that are the motorcycle gangs who prey on the helpless and the pitiful refugees who travel in search of food and are sold as slaves for the new slave trade in America.

This third book will answer the question posed to me by the many thousands of readers who want to know certain aspects of this trilogy. How was the new President elected? What is left of America? How much of the country is still intact? Is food being grown elsewhere and are the manufacturing of goods happening? What about medications, are they being produced? Is money still flowing and available to the people?

It has been an uphill struggle for everyone however, the people of Avalon and the town of Fitch have joined forces and are making changes that will improve everyone’s lives. In this new and final book, the conspiracy is hidden among a few of the elites, the steps are taken to rebuild a country under a new set of rules, traitors behind the scenes will be revealed, the distribution of not only food but essential medicines for those in need will be revealed. A new world is evolving, a new set up laws and rules will be enacted to keep a once and all powerful country into becoming once again, the home of the brave and the land of the free. A country for its citizens, not a giant self-serving entity it once was based on money and how much it can squeeze out of the average man and woman.

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