L. Michael Rusin



Beyond the Retreat


This book follows where the first book stops. The sequel to Avalon the Retreat brings us to a continuing story where suffering and deprivations are common and the menace of outlaw gangs preying on the survivors of World War Three makes for a nightmare for the few remaining living. A nuclear conflagration which lasts long enough to kill nearly everyone on earth is just the beginning. Many countries are blasted into a Stone Age existence once the nukes are no longer launched.

Slavery and lawlessness are rampant and the food is at a premium. The people at Avalon and Fitch begin to regroup and take steps to rebuild the world. They are dismayed at the lack of survivors that are left and the total disregard for life exhibited by some of those lawless gangs toward a defenseless group of survivors. People who simply want to live another day. Some of those survivors are determined the lawlessness has to be stopped. Many of the bad people die and some of the good do too in this continuation of the first book.

There are new characters in this next book. They face many challenges. A group of military men travels down the West Coast in search of survivors. They are shocked at the lack of people along the way. As they travel hundreds of miles south it is eerie and disheartening for these military people. They pass homes and businesses that are abandoned and devoid of people. But, at the same time, a reunion of brothers off the California Coast has its rewards. Follow along as the soldiers’ search for survivors, romance blooms for some of them and death for others.

Back at Avalon the Roving Patrols on horseback slowly bring justice to some and swift death at the end of a rope for others. Follow the survivors as they rebuild and bring a semblance of law and order to a lost society. Follow the saga of rebuilding the country. Read as the plague mentioned in the first book drops people in their tracks. See how a group of people survive in a hidden box canyon away from the Slave Traders.

Avalon Beyond the Retreat fills in some of the blanks left out of Avalon The Retreat. Read about the world where few survived, but those who did live are faced with endless challenges as they try to survive in a world where there are little law and order.

L Michael Rusin, Author

Avalon: Beyond the Retreat

Follow Mike and the rest of his survivalist group as they fight to rebuild a world torn apart and gain control of a humanity lost in desperation, suffering, and hopelessness. Their nemesis, Bone Breaker, returns with a vengeance and puts the group once more in jeopardy.

Having had several earlier skirmishes and months of preparation, Bone Breaker and his crew of biker thugs know they’ll have their revenge on those farmer hicks this time! But Mike Reynolds and Sam Wolchak, two of the so-called “farmers,” are ready for the next battle with these would-be dirtbag overlords. Meanwhile, a military convoy sets out from Oregon and heads down the coast to California. Losing many along the way, some are killed by evildoers among the carnage and mayhem, and others abandon their posts to try and find their families. Eventually meeting up with Mike Reynolds and his band of survivors, the ultimate test is yet to come. Can they conquer the motorcycle murderers and thieves or will they fall to the outlaws? One thing is clear: the future of a new America depends on them.

Avalon: The Retreat, the first installment of the Avalon trilogy, introduced a great cast of characters recovering from the devastating effects of a nuclear invasion of the United States. The survival skills and advance preparation shared here demonstrated that there can be survival after the holocaust. In Avalon: Beyond the Retreat, the same great characters move on to the next step, establishing sense and order out of the chaos left behind from two devastating attacks on the United States. While this struggle seems hard enough, there are new and unprecedented challenges. Amoral gangs form. With their mission to rape and pillage the remains of the country and its survivors, incredible acts of human ignominy run rampant. Add the nightmare of an incurable plague, with all of its consequences, and the going just gets tougher. Stragglers and small communities of survivors struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds in an effort to recapture any sense of their former lives. The Avalon Retreat members play a key role in providing assistance and leadership for the unfortunates while establishing order from confusion. Punctuated with poignant personal stories, the Avalon survivors are personalized and share their fears, hopes, and souls. Author Rusin takes us on a hell-bent ride into the future. The possibilities of this novel becoming predicting the future are all too imminent. Read the news, and see how comfortable you feel about the likelihood of this fictitious scenario becoming reality. Rusin does not intend to scare. But he very much wants to suggest that we prepare. Prepare yourself for an experience that will leave you deep in thought, and looking forward to the third book in this series, Avalon: Wormwood

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